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Our Saskatoon Filter Maintenance Program


The Benefits Of A Scheduled Filter Maintenance Program

Home ownership comes with more costs than just your mortgage and taxes.

It also requires a significant investment of time, energy, and hassle to manage an ever-growing list of home maintenance tasks.

When it comes to your ventilation systems, Modern PURIAR’s filter maintenance program provides Saskatoon homeowners the value of never having to worry about ventilation filter maintenance popping up on that list ever again.

Signing up for Modern PURAIR’s personalized filter maintenance program means you’ll never have to worry about spending time finding, purchasing, changing, cleaning, replacing, or installing the right filters for your home, business, or property. Our technicians will match you with the right filter for your needs, delivering and installing them at your home or business at a pre-established frequency!

Ensure Your Saskatoon Furnace Filters Are Always Clean

Having air filter that matches the exact specifications of your furnace or air conditioning unit allows your HVAC to operate at maximum efficiency, reducing energy costs and improving the air quality of your home. Modern PURAIR protects the interests of it’s clients by only installing filters with a minimum MERV rating of 8, to maximize the long-term and efficiency and cleanliness of your ventilation systems.

For areas with special needs regarding air quality, such as hospital surgery rooms, laboratories, or special manufacturing, we can also provide and install specialized MERV 11 and 13 air filters.

To learn more about Modern PURIAR’s furnace filter maintenance program, or to sign up, call us at 800-996-3878.



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